Photoalbum & Story: Hike on April 4, 2004

Dear friends, unfortunately all the stories that are published on this site are in Russian and represented yet mainly by one author. We see it unfair towards our English-speaking audience who have their right to know what is happening on Sunday walks around Podmoskovie. Thus, we would like to encourage you to share your thoughts, experiences and impressions formed during those hikes. Just to start with something we decided to launch a photo-report taken on the hike on a mysterious date 04/04/04.

This a portrait of our famous Dutch photo-model Henk. Normally he refuses to be pictured without a significant fee. However, hopefully after this low-budget advertisement we will be able to collect enough money to decorate our next photo-story with a full-fledged shot of Henk.

The title of the next picture is - "Compassionate" I don't know how about you, but I shed a tear looking at this composition. That is because the soul of a hiker is very vulnerable and, despite his readiness to squeeze his way through bushes, to climb up cliffs or to look for a gap in village fences, a hiker's nature is very sensitive, naive and poetical. Shortly speaking, his soul is like that (chocolate) chick. No need to add that a real hiker is very fond of chocolate (see the illustration a little below)

Here you can see another evidence of poetic nature of the "forest people": when some of us all of a sudden gets inspired, he takes most comfortable position and recites a poem.

However, not all of hikers are fond of our chap-photographer. Some believe that we put our noses in their most intimate nooks (plates and souls), so they protest.

Despite most of the hikers are very musical and poetical-oriented, there are always some "social outcasts", the exceptions that don't appreciate the simple Russian Soul that usually strives out in our local trains.

Meantime, other perceive a local train as a theather stage and not only enjoy the songs but make the performance more digestible by taking some chocolate along (as it was mentioned earlier, a subtle nature of hiker & his receptivity to art are linked to his passion for chocolate. This correlation is absolute and is proved by a big number of observations).

And here is the last picture, called "The letter to Mom"

"Dear Mommy, today I was ranked into a HIKER! Imagine, it was not so hard: I have not fallen into the water and even haven't been lost. I only hit a couple of other hikers with snowballs and let them to hit myself in respond, mostly out of respect to their hiking longevity."

Olga Igudina

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