Photoalbum & Story: Hike on April 25, 2004

How did we manage to do ANYTHING before mobile telephones? These little wonders of technology helped keep an errant and independent-minded group of hikers together several times this past Sunday, 25 April. If it weren't for them, some of us might still be out there.

The hike, led by the indefatigable Mr. Lee, started in the small city of Bronnitsiy, about 50 km southeast of Moscow. To reach the place we piled into three marshroute vans, squeezed like sardines, and set out on the road to Bronnitsiy. Looking at a map, it would seem a very direct route. However, the lead van (the one carrying Mr. Lee) soon got out of sight, and the two other vans were left to find their way -- the blind leading the blind. It seemed to be taking a long time. The drivers took U-turns, drove slowly along the shoulder of the road, looking for signs. Soon, the mobile telephones were out and calls were placed to Mr. Lee, who passed the phone to the driver of his van, to give directions to the driver of the lost vans. There were long discussions on the phone, in loud, animated Russian, on how to find the lead van. Finally we found them, and the group was re-united. By now it was nearly 12 noon.

We set out, 42 hikers (!!), spread out in a line about 500 meters long. We walked through fields and woods and bogs, along streams, crossing some of them, getting our feet wet. As usual, no one complained and everybody seemed in good spirits, glad to get away for a day and to be in the sun.

We had lunch on a hillside facing south, drenched in sun, overlooking a small river bottom. A group of kids were kicking a ball around, and, prompted by Mr. Lee, 15 or 20 of us joined them for a pick-up football game. The rest of us, not in any hurry to start walking again, welcomed the extra time to loll in the sun.

After lunch we walked across more fields, around garden plots and dachas, along the edge of a pioneer camp, and along roads. At about 15.15, we came to a place along one of the roads leading into Bronnitsiy, and Mr. Lee gave people the option of catching a bus into town, where they could get another bus to Moscow. About 10 people took him up on the offer.

Mr. Lee said it would be another two hours to Bronnitsiy on foot, and we set out. Soon after that, another small group of hikers lost their way. Again, mobile telephones were produced and we managed to steer them back to the group. The main group had to wait and it was a marvellous excuse for a rest and a snack, for by now some of us were getting a little tired.

At this point, the time-calculation formula should be put to work (for details see the Annex. "Three empirical rules of Hikeology" derived by Radan).

By the time we arrived to our final destination marked with a church and a garden around it, only a Spanish and Korean teams demonstrated its cultural and spiritual level of development disregarding a bus that already waited for us for the sake of the cultural heritage. The rest of the group pulled in the bus that reached the capital with no more adventures on our long Sunday journey.

-- William Tuthill

So good that it did not happen to us on the previous hike, as three lost charter planes would be in troubles finding each other in the sky (everyone knows that mobiles don't have a coverage over there)

1st May Parade rehearsal

Some allegedly state that the energy of hikers wipes off all alive from their way...

..this is a pure superstition (see the picture below)
How many hikers can you spot?

yes, we love the nature!

Spring Dance

Flying Dutch. This guy knows when he looks most striking (on the right see the picture of him from the previous hike) and works hard on self improvement
P.S. Flying Dutchman is the terminus technicus

So, with such an outstanding jumping &running skills how can the hikers miss the soccer championship?

Old traditional hiking game.

When Mr.Lee sees we have too much of energy left when the hike is almost over, he suggests us different type of oriental games.

But we don't like routine - games have to vary dynamically before we get bored with them. Here is our favorite entertainment - crossing a swamp. Those who are dressed in white jeans and/or white shoes enjoy it more than the others.

It is believed by mistake that Podmoskovie (Moscow region) is densely populated and the number of nouveau riche Russian's dachas is bigger than the number of trees We want to state - it is yet another delusion otherwise how would you explain this Dinosaur skull??!!

Of course, any version that those bones belong to some hikers lost on previous hikes isn't worth arguing... Our hikers are strong and never give up! Even after 60 km walk with an average speed of 8km/hrs!!!

And the last but not the least important picture. Henk - is a Man of the Year.
(Thanks to everyone for your donations - now we can afford a full size portrait of our famous Dutch model)

Court photographers: Mr.Radonek Kocourek; Mr.Dongkyo Lee

uthor: Olga Igudina

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