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2001-01-31 14:15:56
когда будут фотографии от 2001 года?
Прямо сейчас и будут! :-))

2000-12-18 06:44:46
Igor Baykov
Hi, walkers, hikers & nature lovers! Greetings from sunny California. I do miss you a lot:-)Thare a plenty of places to hike here!


2000-11-23 20:46:08
Hi, my dear!
Does anybody remember me? I am Natasha and I have not seen you more than a year. So long! Remember that great party at the nice couple from Korea.
I am happy to see the site and hope to see you all soon!

2000-10-24 16:44:15
tatiana tretiakova
Privet iz Brusselia

Missing you and hike

2000-09-29 14:39:28
Ricky Leung
Dear all,
Your site have bring back my happy memories hiking in Moscow. I miss all of you and the lovely country side.

2000-09-15 20:59:04
Liala Vadim
Stefan, Privet!!
We dream of hikinkg with You...
Yours - L V

2000-08-12 10:57:32
Melody Goddard
I would like to join the walk tomorrow. Please add me to mailing list, also what kind of shoes should I wear?
OK. I added your mail.

2000-07-25 22:05:02
Why no information on the next hike
as yet?
Masses would like to know.
I'm sorry! I was very busy.

2000-07-18 20:45:46
Andrew Craven
I notice you carry a Russian language link to Moscow weather. If you would like to include an Engllish one as well, try:
Thank you very much! But I found another address.

2000-07-02 12:33:29
Andrew Craven
Thank you all for making me so welcome on the Usovo hike in May. I have delightful memories and hope to join you again soon.

Greetings from a green and pleasant (but occasionally wet) England.

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