Photoalbum & Story: Hike on January 28, 2007
Kalistovo - Radonezh, 20km

The recent hike has been quite good. Middle-rate casualties. A long distance from the city. Not a huge group of participants. But still in the long history of hiking movement it promises to open a new page. The point was not even that we took a different train to a different directions than initially had been planed. And that one of the prettiest hikers was waiting for us about a half of hundred kilometers away from the place where we finally landed. Not, it wasn’t. It happened casually previously. The whole case was that we walked and the initial pert of the our trip through unforgettable landscape: factories – left side, working-plants – right side, a warm stream full of nicely smelling used-fuel water turning into frozen ponds with the dots of fishermen on the ice; old charming deteriorating villages on the fringes of a town; cleaning factories of a special purpose… I liked it in spite of some initial misunderstanding. I liked it the first moment I realized that it could be regarded as something like… Attention! – "an industrial" hiking. An analogy with the industrial style in music and the branch of the states science called "industrial archeology" came to my mind immediately. What a promising prelude it was! And this prelude ended with a marvelous shot: we sloped down a big pile of earth, escalated to make two big ponds, some girls turning from their back to the stomach and vice versa.

Well, than was the high sky full of sun and light clouds. Shining snow. Nice talks. A beautiful place for lunch found for us by our incomparable leader. And in the end the miracle of the Russian architecture – two churches and destroyed estate in the village "Гребнёво". But nothing could stand near the start of the hiking. I make a deep bow before Mr. Lee.

Still I tried to comfort our Dutch: "This is not as we usually do, I am afraid". But Quirijn just softly smiled in reply and I could assume he enjoyed it just as me a lot and no more explanations are needed.

Аuthor: Ilia Ponomarev

Фото: Dongkyo Lee

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