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2002-03-19 16:42:41
Dear organizers of Hike,
I am a vernacular languagejournalist in India.
I am really thilled to see your website. Please permit me to join with you in next Sunday's programme.I will be here in Moscow up to June this year.
Shajan Scaria
Dear Shajan Scaria,
please join us in any time, which is suitable for you,
without asking permission.
We are very happy to meet new people.
Hope to see you.


2001-12-29 23:40:35
To all who have enjoyed the Moscow Hikes - wherever you are now in the world - a Happy Christmas and peaceful, contented and possibly a little crazy 2002. !!!!
wish to have enough snow in the winter time, enough sun in summer and always joy - every Sunday, starting with 9.30 :))

Andrew Craven
Olga Igudina (temporary guest in Switzerland)
you are welcome to have a look at our pictures http://photos.yahoo.com/bc/olych/lst?.dir=/New+Year+holiday+in+Switzerland&.view=t

2001-11-22 20:25:19

Солнечным и самым светлым краем
Стала подмосковная земля,
С Стефаном мы ходим, наблюдая
Благостные русские поля.

Стефан наша бодрость боевая,
Стефан наc лелеет и ведет,
С Стефаном по лесу пробираясь,
Наш народ о Стефане поет!

Leader of all nature-loving hikers
Stefan is a hiker from the start,
Stefan is in love with Russia like us,
Stefan is the Russian in his heart.

Stefan is an ideal man before us,
Stefan is the leader of our team,
Running after Stefan through the forest
We will sing the song of love to him!

2001-10-10 12:04:06
Cathy Kyle
We are new in Moscow and interested in exploring by foot - we are Irish, but have lived most recently in Scotland. We are also not as young as the people in your photos!
Welcome to the hike company. It is open for people of different countries, ages and interests. All of us will be glad to see you.

2001-10-01 18:12:43
Martin Heimann
Dear Hikers,

it's always nice to visit your web site. I still think of the hikes a lot and enjoy seeing the photos.

Hope we meet again some time.


2001-10-01 16:00:38
Amasa Lacy
I enjoyed the hike on Sunday. I hope to hear about next week's trip!

2001-08-09 20:07:23
Hello hikers!I wont to get acquainted with your organisation.SEND ME SOME MASSEGES.GOODBUY!

2001-07-31 18:15:55
boglarka weber (bogi)
i miss you a lot, but i hope that one day we shall hike toegether again...
if anyone of you lot comes to romania, please contact me, i would gladly take you to some hikes...
all the best
bogi (the blonde transylvanian, romanian-hungarian girl-vampire)

2001-05-28 08:46:46
Привет Господа! У Вас класный сайт. Очень рад, что в наше время встречаются настоящие подвижники своего ДЕЛА! Алексей, тебе персонально могу сказать, что ты молодец! Рад был личной встрече с тобой на встрече через 10-ть лет. УДАЧИ Вам ребята!!!

2001-05-16 20:10:45
Привет всем!Я хочу найти человека,который бы помог мне с общением на английском(я плохо говорю,т.к.нет возможности слышать английскую речь).Если это иностранец,то я бы в свою очередь помогала ему с русским языком.Может у кого есть такие знакомые?Мой адрес:Helgas@list.ru
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