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2006-07-30 23:05:58
Большое спасибо Андрею Климову и всем участникам за хайк 30 июля. Мои фотографии лежат здесь: http://photofile.ru/users/akai/1430752/

2006-06-19 11:16:47
Спасибо за организацию Учинского похода, очеь понравилось.

2006-05-23 18:29:00
Eagle Liu
Hi, everyone!

I''d like to join your interesting hiking plan this Sunday. Any English speaker would like to tell your experience and feeling about this club? I come from China and will work in Moscow this year,would like to expolre this country with local or other expat friends if any...

Send me an email or call me 7658713.

Cheers and all the best!

2006-05-22 15:18:58
Здравствуйте, уважаемые!
…Хорошее это дело – прогулки пешком на дальние расстояния! Ну, не мне Вам рассказывать. А «Долгий Путь» Стивена Кинга читали? У нас в Котласе тоже бывают подобные мероприятия. 6-7 мая 2006 группа пешеходников (или хайкеров) совершила переход от Котласа почти до Красноборска и обратно общей протяженностью 100 км, затратив 26 часов 24 минуты. Ночевки не было, шли круглые сутки с перекурами по 5-15 (до 30) минут. Все стартовавшие (6 человек) благополучно добрались до финиша.

2006-05-13 10:09:14
Hello, Hello!
Sunday, May 14th, promises to be a beautiful, gorgious day for hiking.
Friends should invite friends in good spirits for an energetic walk and hike this coming Sunday. Bring lots of drinking water, Lolita!
See you on Sunday.

2006-04-06 11:09:03
Good morning Dear Hikers! I''d like to join your hikership this Su for the first time. what should I prepare and what do you usually recommend for a newcomer? Thanks? Lolita

2006-03-22 20:39:33
Katia Fomina
Recently I read an article in Moscow News about modern paganism in Russia. One paragraph held my attention. It says (they quoted some pagan Magus):
"To come to paganism you need to go to the forest and follow an indescernible footpath leading to the forest. Once there, you should listen to the rustling of the leaves, the creaking of the tall pine trees, and the murmur of the creek, and paganism will come and captivate you".
Sounds familiar, doesn''t it? Like hiker''s feelings. Or the hiker''s credo. But we are not pagans, or are we?

2006-03-13 10:30:55
maureen Wallace
I want to thank Andrei for leading the hike yesterday. It was one of the most difficult things I done walking through thick snow (not too much of that in Australia) but an experience I will not forget. I am looking forward to joining the group again...once the snow clears up. It was wonderful to meet all of you who were there.

2006-03-04 13:47:28
Kirez    http://www.HikeTheGeek.com/LA
I''m glad to find your group -- sounds fantastic! For the past year I''ve been hiking every Sunday with a wonderful group of friends in Los Angeles; you can see our web site: http://www.HikeTheGeek.com/LA

I would love to join you but just contracted to teach English lessons every Sunday from 10 - 13:00. Perhaps I can get my students to come on a hike; or 5 weeks from now, I can either decline the Sunday classes or re-schedule. I''m looking forward to joining you on a hike sometime.

2006-02-20 10:02:14
Power of Color!-marvellous!
Who''s idea is this -change our background of webcolor from dark green to bright green!
It looks the promise of God that the spring is nearest around us!
It looks long suffered body is seeing the hope of revival!
It''s the color of pure forest began accumulating energy and ready to talk with the creatures in it- birds,animals,human beings!
Yes! It''s the color of friendship between naturlovers also!
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