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2006-11-15 01:16:20
This is my new article at Mountain.ru :
(I''m very proud :-) )

2006-11-02 23:09:31
Dear Mr.Hike
I have visited your web-page and foud the information a very interesting and exiting for me.
I would be glad to join to yor group on thos weekend 5 November 2006.
Could you please inform if it is possibe for me to join you or no?
Now I would like to introduce my self.
My name is Pavel, I am 24 years old. I lake traveling
Dear Pavel! Of course, everybody are welcome! Some
recommendations for newcomers you can find at page "About". See you at hike :)

2006-10-30 11:14:37
Alexey Kotko    http://www.myjavaserver.com/~snakekaa
For all interested in long hike on 11th or 18th of November (Kalistovo - Morozki 35 km).
Please, let me know who is interested in this hike and what date is more comfortable for you.
Use my e-mail kotko@viniti.ru, please.

2006-10-20 19:29:38
Hi to everyone!
I have been looking throught this site for more than 2 years but i have never joined your group((( Now i fell i am ready to join you this Sunday. But i have some question.
1. What do i have to take with me (water, food...)?
2. money?
Dear Olga! It''s great that you are going to join us! As for the questions - please find all answers you need at "About" page (both in English and in Russian languages). Kind regards.

2006-10-16 01:44:18
Hi, nature lovers! Are dogs welcome in your trips? I would love to join you with a fiendly husky. Irina
Dear Irina! If your dog is frendly will be no problem taking it with you. See you at hike! :)

2006-10-12 11:52:29
Alexey Kotko    http://www.myjavaserver.com/~snakekaa
To meet for long hike Povarovo - Rogachyovskoye roadway (25 km) - Diyakovo (35 km) - Morozki (45 km) on Saturday, 14th of October 7.40 am at "Krasniye Vorota" metro station (red line) in the centre of the platform. The train from Leningradsky railroad terminal to Podsolnechnaya departs at 8.09 am. Seek us at 4th or 3rd carriage from the "head" of the train. (Of course, the train moves with its head ahead :-) )

2006-10-12 11:35:44
Алексей Котко    http://www.myjavaserver.com/~snakekaa
Сбор на длинный хайк Поварово - Рогачёвское шоссе (25 км) - Дьяково (35 км) - Морозки (45 км) в субботу 14 октября в 7.40 на "Красных Воротах" в центре зала. Электричка с Ленинградского до Подсолнечной в 8.09. 3-4 вагон от "головы" поезда.

2006-10-09 09:57:39
Alexey Kotko    http://www.myjavaserver.com/~snakekaa
Dear friends - long-hikers!
(First I mean those who went with me to waterfalls near Vondiga River on 23rd of September and also all who is interested in long 45 km hike)
I’d like to announce the long 45 km hike on 14th or on 21st of October.
Watching today longtime forecast ( http://www.hmn.ru/index1.php?code=51&value=27612 ) for these dates I myself prefer 14th
Also I have heard wish (though, for my mind, not very decisive - some kind of "may be") of two girls, Tonya and Natasha, our two swimming “walruses”, to go with us if the hike take place on 14th (but surely no – if on 21st).
Please answer me who can go on the 14th and who – on the 21st, and also which of two days you really prefer. I’d like to make final decision and send the announcement to the site about 16-17pm today.
(You may also try to use the forum of hikers site to see reactions of each other “immediately”, but, because of moderation, I don’t sure we’ll be able to read retorts of each other apace during today.

2006-09-22 09:58:13
Jan Thompson
Will be coming to the Kotko hike tomorrow.

2006-09-21 07:39:36
Здравствуйте. Хорошо, что вы существуете. К вам можно присоединится. Можно пожелания?
Я ещё застала Стефана с ним было великолепно!
1.Можно делать ост. через каждый час, а то шнурок развяжется и всё ты отстал
Можно последним попросить поставить сильного человека.
3.Можно посчитать людей в начале и конце похода.
4.можно заранее предупреждать о окончании перекуса.
Вообще всё здорово! Извините.
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