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2006-02-14 16:55:53
It was so surprising to find forum working again! and some other site renovation! I''d like to express gratitude to organizers and especially to webmaster for their efforts. Let''s ask old chaps and newcomers to contribute with their ideas, pictures and impressions.
IMHO it''d be great to add a FAQ page like Lee Jee Uk started in his message of 22.08.2002....

2002-11-20 01:18:12
Hi Everybody, - my son need english speaking friend(s). He is 10 y.o. Send me email if you have any idea for that.
Thank you!

2002-11-07 07:54:40
Уже два с половиной года не ходил с вами, тут случайно зашёл на сайт и обнаружил, что вы всё столь же активны и ходите в походы. Молодцы! В январе собираюсь недели на 3 посетить Москву, обязательно составлю вам компанию.

2002-09-23 12:47:42
Hi everybody.
I'm a norwegian girl, studying in Russia one year - on the purpose of learning russian. I think your hikes sounds interesting, and would love to join you. Hope you could add me to your mailinglist, so that I'll know what's going on, and when.

2002-08-22 23:50:55
Lee Jee Uk
I am not sure, I am qualified to write here,as I am more host than guest. But probably all we are guests being indebted to the nature-the host, about 70 years. Thanks to Moscow times, many people visited this site and also sent e-mail personally to me,asking --Is it difficult? what to be prepared? how to meet? etc. etc. For new comers, who are going to join,I want to say as follows== Nothing particular, we are open to all, like nature. Not so difficult, nothing to concern, prepare one bottle of water, a loaf of bread, with comfortable shoes(or bare feet), 70 roubles maximum for electrichki,and that's all. Feel free! But interesting, as Jesus said "Even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of the flowers on the field." Looking forward to meeting you......

2002-08-21 11:54:24
Methinks you guys will have to book several trains now that the Moscow Times ran an article on you. Greetings from Vancouver, Muzhik
OK. We will try it.

2002-08-21 11:49:32
My Email - alhhlim@hotmail.com

Hi Everyone too. I added your e-mail and Anastassias to mailing list.

2002-08-21 11:47:15
Hi Everyone ,I just came to Moscow and I need friends and I like travelling and meeting people .But I am not familiar with Moscow .Please email.

Best Regards

2002-08-21 04:31:40
Patrick Joseph Fansler
Hi everyone,
I'm a student at the University of Texas in Austin, and I am also a student of the Russian language. I spent one year in the beautiful city of Nizhny Novgorod, and hope to study in Russia once again. This time, I will be a student at the Moscow Linguistic University, but I would also like to become part of "Hikers, Walkers, and Nature Lovers" so that I can meet different people from Moscow as well as practicing my Russian (and of course, I love nature) Please add me to your mailing list, and if anyone wants to write me, please do!
e-mail: patriknn@ok.ru

2002-08-20 21:09:22
Please! need to speak to those of you who have been traveling in China on your own and can give me a piece of advice (re. route, way of traveling such as where and when it is better to take train or bus or maybe rent a car; if you are Russian I would appreciate your consultancy on how to get the L-type visa)
P.S. Alexei, sorry for abusing the hospitality of your Guest Book (Old) - hope you don't mind ;)
P.S.S. I think each hiker is a potential traveler :)
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