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2007-05-30 12:50:55
Alexey Kotko    http://www.myjavaserver.com/~snakekaa
Attention! Pickup time for my Saturday hike is changed to be earlier due to new train timetable.
!!! 8:25am !!!
(instead of 8:50 am).
See details on http://www.myjavaserver.com/~snakekaa

2007-05-23 17:12:01
Alexey Kotko    http://www.myjavaserver.com/~snakekaa
On the 2nd of June I will lead extra-hike
intentionally for the fans of long routs. To meet at 8:50am at Komsomolskaya-koltsevaya metro station (circle line) at the center of the platform. Train from
Yaroslavsky railroad terminal to Alexandrov departs at 9:16am. Trail thread
is: platform of 76 km - lake Torbeyevo - waterfalls on Vondiga river -
Sergiyev Posad (about 36-38 km). Places of interest are: ice aged lake
Torbeyevo, and, near the waterfalls, wooden temple and chapel. For the
chilled are equiped bathing pool and douche in the springs of waterfall (the
water temperature is about +8C).
All in all it is possible to swim and bath thrice including 1 time at waterfalls. The hike is planned for the trained
persons. For those who want to cut the kilometrage for 25 km there exists
a possibility after waterfalls to run away by bus from Shiltsy, but they are to pass 5 or 6
km acephalous. The bus moves about once per hour, possibly, it will be
necessary to go straphang. Leader`s contacts
phone: 8-910-404-7834 (call 9pm - 11pm)
e-mail: kotko@viniti.ru

2007-05-11 10:27:48
Please advise me as to when and where sundays hike takes place. Leave sms at 89151360885

2007-04-28 11:55:36
Наталья    http://wild-cat-20.livejournal.com/
Теперь у хайка есть блог на ЖЖ (Живом Журнале) - ru_hike. Блог будет дублировать сайт hike.narod.ru.
Заходите на огонек ;)


2007-04-26 12:35:09
thanks to everyone especialy the leaders,it has been great to meet you all great to walk with you.Now I am in England I download Mr Lee''s photos as soon as i can to see what i have missed.
Do svidania

2007-04-04 00:49:35
Катя Сирина
Найк это место, где встречаешь очень приятных и интересных людей. Одну девушку я правда немного потеряла. Тоня Фроленкова, я с удовольствием прочитала в инете, как ты побеждаешь в заплывах моржей. Обьявись или увидимся на хайке.
Надеюсь, это опечатка, а не реклама фирмы "Nike"? ;)))

2007-04-03 22:20:56
Slava    http://webcenter.ru/~rzakh
Вот какую ссылку мне прислали. Не знаю, где это находится, но выглядит красиво :-)

2007-03-22 15:02:22
Lee Jee Uk
Dear Dongkyo Lee!
Where you drowned was not "waist-depth ditch ".
It was river Desna and looks dark only due to the color of bottom soil. :):)
Now I know, you were drowned by the fairy of the river Desna, as you thought it ditch and made her very angry.
Ha Ha Ha :):):)

2007-03-13 11:29:52
Dongkyo Lee    http://blog.empas.com/silvercare
What an impressive hike last Sunday 11.03.2007!
First of all, I would like to express my heartful thanks to Alexander Petrovich and Atul Apandit. When I was fallen down into waist-depth ditch during the hike, Alexander throwed me a wood-stick as in "Sudden Impact". Even wet, I joyfully followed up the group. Atul lent his camera for me to take pictures of hike and e-mailed me at that night, with which I could complete my photoalbum.

2007-03-11 21:51:36
Алексей    http://e-aleks.livejournal.com/
Всем привет.

Выложил небольшой отчет и фотографии с хайка пл. Дачная -ст. Крекшино 11-03-2007. Если интересно, то можно посмотреть и обсудить здесь:http://e-aleks.livejournal.com/67304.html
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